Standards Guidance for Mathematics

  • Chapter 4: Digital Learning in Mathematics
  • Chapter 5: Introduction to Standards Guidance to Teaching Mathematics Through Big Ideas and Connections
  • Chapter 6: Mathematics in Transitional Kindergarten Through Grade Two
  • Chapter 7: Mathematics in Grades Three Through Five
  • Chapter 8: Mathematics in Grades Six Through Eight
  • Chapter 9: Mathematics in High School, Grades Nine and Ten

Chapters 4 through 9 provide standards guidance for mathematics by addressing critical areas of instructional focus. The standards guidance is intended to support teachers as they implement mathematics instruction in online, blended, or in-person learning environments. The standards guidance is organized around the “big ideas” proposed in the draft 2021 Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (Mathematics Framework), with an adoption target date of November 2021, which seeks to support teachers in moving to the teaching of meaningful mathematics and enabling students to develop an interconnected understanding of different concepts. Chapter 4 outlines additional suggestions for digital learning practices relevant to this content area, while Chapter 5 provides an introduction to the standards guidance and highlights the importance of the content and the ways it is connected to other content and practices. Chapters 6 through 9 organize guidance for standards by grade level.