To support schools in the effective implementation of technology to support learning, the California Digital Learning Integration and Standards Guidance provides strategies to build educator and system capacity. The guide is based on foundational, research-based digital learning practices, including engaging in personal interaction, building classroom communities, promoting collaboration, incorporating authentic assessment, designing active learning activities, and cultivating student-centered opportunities to build agency.

The guide connects decades of research on digital learning (See Appendix A) to inform specific topics outlined in Senate Bill 98 (SB 98). SB 98 (2019-2020) identifies the topics for the development of a draft distance learning curriculum and instructional guidance for mathematics, English arts, and English language development that includes a framework for addressing critical standards and other topics related to distance learning. Furthermore, two nationally-recognized sets of standards, the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards for Educators and the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching, were used as a framework to align recommendations for effective technology use. And finally, input from the California Distance Learning Advisory Committee, parents/caregivers, and students was used to inform the recommended strategies for educators.